Hi, My name is Amy Shawgo. I was born and raised in Utah, have a bachelors degree in English and am the mother of nine children. I love kids, people of all ages. I enjoy reading, being outside and spending time with those I love. Exercise and physical movement have always been important to me. I believe firmly that you can heal your body through mind/body connectivity and movement. It has been my anti-anxiety medication of choice throughout my life. Six winters ago, a friend invited me to attend a Bikram/hot yoga class with her. I never considered yoga as a viable form of exercise. Honestly thought it was kind of wimpy. However, it was so cold and gray and I was struggling. She mentioned it was HOT yoga and I was there!

I was hooked after my first class. It was HARD, and I thrive on challenge, so I kept going back. This practice really resonated with me. I loved the balance between strength and flexibility, how each class was different. I saw it as a great addition to my current workout regime. It helped with the pain in my knees and hips from running, flexibility and building strength in muscles I didn’t realize weren’t Strong. As much as I loved what it did for my body, What it did for my mind was, well…..mind blowing! I am a high energy, curious person and learning to be still, breathe and gain control of my breath has been life-changing. It has allowed me to be present, vulnerable and more loving. It has also help me discover and share my gifts.

After about six months I knew I wanted to someday teach. It took a few years to find the right training and timing for me. In fall if 2017 I attended the Raja 500 hr 26/2 Hot Yoga Teacher training, and began teaching in October of 2017. I teach the Beginners 26/2, Beginners with variations and Pilates. I love seeing potential in people they sometimes can’t see in themselves and helping them realize how amazing they are. I encourage students to practice with accountability. To me this means leaving expectations at the door, trying to turn off the mental chatter and being open to possibilities and to realize that every class, every day is going to be different and being okay with that. Listen to your body, connect with it, be willing to push a little bit to find the place where effort meets ease. This practice can help you learn to love yourself, to be brave enough to open up and be vulnerable enough to love others and accept their love. Let your light shine!!  I look forward to seeing you in the hot room.


I came to yoga through my love for dance. While studying for my BA in Dance (performance and choreography) at Weber State University, I attended many yoga classes. At first, I hated the way yoga made me feel, because it would bring up emotions that I had chosen not to deal with. I decided to continue to attend classes anyway and learned that one of the things that yoga helps individuals with, is letting go of those things that weigh us down. Through years of practice, my experience in class has improved immensely.
In 2015, I attending the Beginner’s 26/2 Hot Yoga & Variations teacher training with Bel and Emily Carpenter. I will be attending the 200 hr teacher training at the Yoga Loft this coming spring (2019). Currently, I teach the beginner’s 26/2 class, as well as the beginner’s variation classes. Come explore your mind and body with me.



Hi, I’m Angela. I’ve been practicing yoga since 2012. I found my love for Yoga when it significantly helped me with my spinal issues. As I learned how much my body needed yoga and how grounded I felt in my practice I was hooked. I trained at Raja Yoga Academy (Bikram Yoga 26&2) that was hosted here in Utah. I completed my 500 hour Hatha Yoga certification October 2017. I’m thankful for yoga and getting out of my comfort zone and by doing so I get to share the light, love, compassion, strength, venerability, and joy yoga has to offer. Not just on your mat but taking it off the mat and into your life. I’m thankful for yoga and I’m blessed to learn and grow and be inspired every class I teach! You are light and you are love. Join me in the hot room for a calming, relaxing, meditated yet challenging class! As I guide you through the class you might not even realize how hard you’re working out!


My practice began in 2005 when I took my first hot yoga class at Higher Ground Hot Yoga. An avid rock climber and cyclist, I also work just as hard as I play. Back then I was often in pain in my daily living and right away I realized the benefits of practicing yoga in a hot room. Stress and anxiety also went way down, I felt unburdened and I began to heal emotionally. ‘Being well’ took on new meaning for me. I trained to teach the 26/2 style Beginner series with variations and Fusion with Emily Longfellow and Bel Carpenter and look forward to taking more teacher trainings in the future.

As an instructor, my focus is to provide a safe healing space for beginner and intermediate to heal, build strength and expand. I enjoy incorporating the use of crystal music instruments during savasana to balance the chakras and clear the mind for meditation.


I’m Charese, I’ve been a yoga instructor for 4 years. When I was first introduced to the practice I was in a pretty rough place, I had gotten into a car accident, worked a very physically demanding job that left me with a lot of back pain, and I was taking lots of prescriptions medications to ease the pain. Through the practice of yoga I started noticing changes in my body and my mind, I had less back pain and felt happy, I had a more even, peaceful outlook on life. I was able to stop taking medications and felt the best that I ever had, I decided that I would like to help spread the gift of yoga and help others find the same liberation that I had. I went to Bikram yoga teacher training in fall 2014, and shortly after I attended two 40 hour Vimana yoga training, and in 2017 I completed a 500-hour hatha yoga training with Raja Yoga Academy. I teach the 26 and 2 Bikram method, as well as fusion and vinyasa yoga. You can expect in my classes to have a sweaty good time, to be challenged, and hopefully to learn something new each time you come in. I teach yoga to connect with people, to help them tap into their own potential, to watch them grown and transform, and then watch as that change creates a ripple effect and touches the lives of everyone they know.  One love.   


Charlotte first entered the hot room in the spring of 2010 at the encouragement of her sister. Her body and mind were broken in several ways, primarily through sports injuries and debilitating depression. Doubtful, but hopeful, she tried the 26/2 series. Her first classes were a challenge, to say the least. She could barely follow the instructions, couldn’t reach much past her knees, and couldn’t balance on one leg for more than two seconds. But she persisted!

She became a student of the practice of yoga, learning all she could. She bought and read books, attended workshops, practiced regularly, and basically just kept at it. She has completed training from international yoga champion Brandy Lynn, and most notably Emily Longfellow and Bel Carpenter. Through her practice, she has experienced miraculous healing of both mind and body. She is completely free from pharmaceutical medications, relieved of considerable pain in her joints, and is strong and flexible mentally and physically. Charlotte counts yoga as one of the great blessings in her life, especially as she balances the demands of managing her home, church and community commitments, family pizza business, husband, and six children.

Charlotte is enthusiastic about sharing the gift of a yoga practice with others. She has a sincere desire for all who enter the room to experience healing, increased strength, flexibility, and peace of mind. Her teaching style is fun and encouraging. She can’t wait for you to join her!


I started my Yoga journey during the summer of my Junior year of High School by checking out several books from the library. Since then I have been practicing yoga off and on starting my flexibility and strength from scratch several times. I keep coming back as I always feel better when I have a consistent practice but forget as other parts of life seem to become priorities. I have become an owner and teacher, so I must continue focusing on yoga and Pilates as a priority. I have taken Raja training (26/2 training for 500 hours) and Vimana training (26/2 and variations training). I have taken Pilates training from Lili. Many years ago, I also took massage therapy training which is very helpful in understanding the importance of alignment. In each of my classes, I focus on alignment and breath more than strength and flexibility. I fill my 26/2 and variations classes with instructions on alignment and breath, to maximize the benefits to each part of the body. I give about the modifications and priorities I have experienced as I have taken my beginning yoga journey many times. In Pilates, I like to focus on isolating each and every muscle group to build up strength in all of your muscles instead of letting some muscles overwork while others atrophy. 


I never have felt like I had to teach. It’s always been a privilege to share the yoga with anyone. I’ve been teaching since August of 2015. I study social work at weber state and I feel like yoga and social work fit together nicely. 
I love teaching all levels and different styles. I started with Bikram yoga in 2012, I did teacher training with Bel and Emily carpenter in 2015, they taught me Vimana yoga.  I started doing Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga in 2016 and I’ve been fascinated by the practice ever since. want to teach yoga to anyone who wants to learn.


Bio coming soon.


My name is Hannah Cross. I first started practicing Bikram yoga to supplement the weight training I was doing as a bikini competitor in the National Physique Committee. The hot yoga practice quickly revealed itself to be much more than a physical exercise. My home Ogden-studio became my safe place to experience an emotional release, mental alignment, and connection with the community and my spiritual self. I decided to become a teacher 3 years into my practice. I believe that when you practice something so beneficial for any significant amount of time, you can’t help but want to share it with others. I was trained by Bel and Emily Carpenter of Vimana Yoga (I teach the Hot Yoga 26/2 Beginners series at HGHY). I have also had the experience of practicing hot yoga through 9 months of pregnancy as well as postpartum recover and encourage other women to safely do the same. Outside of the yoga studio, I am a mental health therapist for incarcerated juveniles. My yoga students can expect a blending of traditional Bikram dialogue with comments about my own passions of mindfulness and recovery from trauma and dysfunctional mental habits, maybe a few jokes, and music playlists that I create with a lot of intent.

Jamie Nabor

Hello yogis! I am instructor Jamie Nabor and I am inviting you to come to my class ready to sweat, smile and restore. The appeal of my yoga class is that my style is purposeful, cheerful and healing. I offer you effective yoga where you feel embraced by supportive loving energy. My intent is to encourage and inspire you to your full potential all while keeping things simple and energetically spacious. My class is suitable for new students and experienced students alike. I offer something for everyone in a gentle, calm, always uplifted way. I pay attention to details so your practice will be balanced and you will learn the correct foundation to expand from. I am registered RYT 200 Yoga Teacher and received my certification with Salt Lake Power Yoga.

I am also certified Vimana Beginner, Fusion, Yin and Hot Stretch Yoga Instructor and received these Teacher Trainings taught by the incomparably gifted and world-renowned yoga team Bel Carpenter and Emily Longfellow of Basalt, Colorado. My own yoga journey began later in life at the suggestion of my neurologist. I had been suffering with migraines and tension headaches terribly. By the third
month of consistent practice I was completely off of my medications. I was again happy and optimistic too. Awed by my teachers and inspired by the other students and the transformations I could see in them and myself; I was inspired to become an instructor.

Yoga has healed me, it compliments my soul and I continue to seek more and more of it so come grow with me in our journeys to optimal health and wellness in a loving and attentive environment where YOU are the most important part of my class.



Love. Breathe. Play

To me, yoga is playing with eyes of curiosity, open hearts and breaths. I started this journey purely on my mat, inside the studio within my own bubble only focusing on postures and the physical part of the practice. Then I realized yoga is a way of life, off the mat, being more mindful each moment, watching your thought patterns and consistently trying to be a better person than you were yesterday. I learn from my teachers each day with gratitude and I welcome each student as everyone is my teacher and I bow and guide them through the journey I have experienced so far.

I completed my 200 hours Naked Truth Elite Yoga Training in Vancouver, Canada and I love the dynamics and flowing movements naked truth style offers. Through physical part of the practice, we train our bodies to become strong and our minds as well. Just when I thought I couldn’t do anymore, I tapped into my inner strength by taking deep breaths and let go of uncomfortable feelings. Once I accepted where I was and tried to play with my edges, I discovered I was a lot stronger than I thought I was.

I am still learning and I am humbly offering some new types of classes to challenge your body and your mind. I love combining creative sequences and playing with arm balances and inversions and I want everyone to come and have fun with me. I will see you on your mat soon.

Lots of love,

Jenn xo


Jill was dragged to her first Bikram yoga class in 2004 and was literally immediately hooked. In high school, she played five varsity sports and continued to compete in D1 volleyball and diving while attending college in Philadelphia, PA. Always the athlete, she realized that yoga could replace ALL of the physical sports she had been missing since graduating. Diving in head first to hot yoga, she often practiced two or even three classes a day. For seven years she balanced her yoga practice with her law practice; but, in the Spring of 2011, she decided to take a break from the law and attended teacher training at Bikram’s Yoga College of India. She also participated in the renowned yoga Jedi Fight Club; as well as, competing in USA Yoga Competitions where she achieved 1st Place in the 2008 PA/NJ Regionals. Jill has been a vegan for over twenty years and believes that healthy eating – whatever that means to you as an individual – combined with the necessity of a regular yoga practice WILL significantly elevate your potential for health and happiness. Her first teacher in Philadelphia, Joel Pier, taught and ingrained in her the simple truth of “I love yoga and yoga loves me!” Jill seeks to share and spread this sentiment with all of her students.


Joy started her Bikram Yoga practice in 2010 after surviving a serious car accident in which she sustained major injuries.  Her practice helped heal her physical injuries and helped open her heart to self-love.  She attended Bikram teacher training in 2012 so that she could share the beauty of the yoga with others.  “I am thankful every day for this yoga and all whom I have come in contact with on this Journey–practice is like a big juicy hug from you to you!”

Lili Hall

My name is Lili and I LOVE teaching at Higher Ground Hot Yoga.
I am a Physical Therapist, have trained in Polestar Pilates and yoga. My yoga training began with Bel and Emily Carpenter. After receiving their certification in Vimana and Fusion, I started teaching at the studios.
I furthered my education with a month-long training in Tumbaco, Ecuador. There I trained in Yin and Tantra and received my 200-hour certification.
Earlier this year I completed a Dharma Meditation Teacher Training.
I am passionate about alignment and performance of poses in safe proper form.
I’m grateful to be a part of the dynamic team at HGHY and find the caliber of the instructors amazing.
My goal is to provide a positive experience, Help correct faulty movement patterns and have fun in the process

Lindsay Cloyd

My name is Lindsay Cloyd and I grew up here in Utah. I’ve been practicing yoga at Higher Ground Hot Yoga for many many years. I’m extremely grateful to have the opportunity to guide such a beautiful community and witness people’s lives change often. I received my certifications in the Beginners Hot Yoga, Fusion, and the Vimana Variations class from Vimana Yoga with Bel and Emily Carpenter in 2014. The classes I lead usually consist of awareness of your breath, intention, and a firm foundation to build your practice from. I have a condition in my spine called Spondylolisthesis and feel I try my best to keep awareness around listening to that and honoring listening to my body through pain and movement. I hope to inspire others who feel like yoga can’t be an option because of pain or conditions in their body. I very much look forward to meeting all of you who feel called to practice and make a difference for yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. Namastè  


Hi, my name is Martie. I am a Road Biker, Hiker, Mother, Dog lover, and Yogi. I fell in love with Hot Yoga about 13 years ago. It’s challenging, rewarding and refining. I started practicing Yoga for the physical healing benefits and found that it offers much, much more. I’ve been through some tough challenges in my life and Yoga helps me to refocus, quiets the chatter and clear my mind. It also keeps my body balanced from biking and other forms of exercises that I do. You can do Yoga anywhere you go! I love Yoga for so many reasons but the thing I love the most is the connection to others to others I feel when I practice and when I teach.

I decided to become a teacher so I can share the healing factors that come through Yoga. In October 2017, I trained with the Raja Yoga Academy for teaching Hot Yoga and received a 500 hour Hatha Yoga Certificate. In January 2018, I certified to teach Level 1 Pilates and Group Pilates. In September 2018, I certified to teach Yin Yoga training.

I love teaching the Beginner 26/2 at HGHY. I teach a strong beginners class that helps students heal, understand the postures and advance in their Yoga. And occasionally I will teach the 26/2 Variations class. I enjoy teaching Warm/Hot Pilates. My Pilates class is fun and you will get a full body workout. I also teach Yin Yoga and it is one of my favorites because it compliments the other Yoga practices. Yin targets the connective tissue of the body and in my Yin class, you will find stillness and healing while you meditate practicing this slower paced style of yoga.


Hi! I’m McKaye.

Yoga introduced itself to my life as a teen, 8 years ago, when I broke my neck in a gymnastics incident; yoga was my means of rehabilitation. Since then yoga has become my lifestyle. I love how it stretches and strengthens you in all aspects of life, spiritual, mental and emotional.

As a teenager, I took my newfound passion for yoga and completed a general 200 hr yoga certification through Bodhi Yoga Alliance. I have since continued my education in Therapeutic Partner Yoga, Pilates and now the 26&2 Hot yoga series.

I teach with a spirit of playfulness and always share a dose of inspiration. My intention is to foster an environment where you will find yourself enlightened and leave the mat feeling rejuvenated.


Pamela L. Frinkman, PT, MS, DPT

I have been working in the fitness industry since 1985, and have been a physical therapist since 1992. I have earned a BS in Physical Therapy, an MS in Exercise Physiology, and my Doctoral degree in Physical Therapy (2011). I was introduced to Bikram Yoga in 2003, and was hooked from the beginning! As a super-devoted member of the “cardio” and “aerobic” exercise craze, I had been an avid runner, mountain biker, hiker, and class exercise groupie (think “aerobics”) since age 18. After giving birth to my son at the age of 39, I noticed that my life-long cardio-obsessed behaviors were not serving me in certain fundamental ways. When I discovered one day that my hips were truly inflexible and my core utterly weak and powerless, I decided that I needed to add an alternative element to my fitness routine. Who knew then what a life saver and life changer yoga would become for me. I think of myself as an entirely new being now, literally in every way, then I was when my favorite form of exercise was pounding the pavement until I could hardly walk to the bathroom in the morning! Now I know how to breathe and to meditate and to both nurture and challenge my body with exactly what it needs. I have learned when to hold back and when to press forward; literally, when to lean in and how to progress without injury. My hips are more flexible, my lungs are expansive, my core is powerful, my balance is good, and my mind is clear, my ability to relax in an instant, unprecedented. I began practicing yoga for the improvement of my body but found that yoga ALSO improved all of the non-physical aspects of my well-being. I am so grateful for the yoga and VERY eager to share it with you.


Pat taught dance for 40 years. Her daughters who were professional dancers loved Yoga as soon as they tried it. They are both Yoga instructors in California. They talked their mom into doing yoga. Starting yoga later in life was a challenge but one daughter bought her an annual pass. The daughter presented the gift to her as a gift of health! She felt obligated to go regularly. The results were amazing. After 3 years Pat took several teacher Trainings including 2 different Vimana Yoga Trainings to prepare to be a Yoga Instructor to share this wonderful practice with everyone she could. She is very excited to teach the students at Higher Ground Hot Yoga.


My oldest daughter introduced me to hot yoga in the Fall of 2009. I loved it! I was a runner at the time, but yoga brought a new dimension and outlook to my physical activities. After injuring the meniscus in both knees, yoga became my main form of exercise. I became a certified yoga instructor through Yoga Alliance in December 2016. I have also taken specialized courses in Vimana, Fusion, Stretch, Yin and Laughter Yoga. I love our yoga community!


After 2 years of consistent practice, I found yoga to be the medicine which provides stillness to my mind, amongst many other benefits. Deepening in my practice, I decided to share what I have found, and recently completed the 200 hr Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Life teacher training.


My yoga journey began around 2007 in Bikram’s hot sweaty room. It was a challenge starting out having severe back pain from lumbar surgeries but the medicine of the asanas proved healing. Nerve damage no more! It improved many other aspects such as vision, taste and even hearing. Yoga is the soap to cleanse and purify the mind and body giving you comfort and clarity to operate in your daily life in a much more effective way. I’m proficient in manner. It does take hard work and is a discipline which rewards more than 1000 tons of gold!

I have practiced and learned the advanced Bikram series over the years then decided to further my knowledge by certifying with Integrated School of yoga. Traditional Hatha yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Krimaji, Power yoga, Yoga Sports, Choreo yoga and Yogatharapy. Raja yoga(yoga of the mind). I’m in Alliance with yoga Sports Association USA certified under Sarva Purnam International Yoga Society.

Yoga is so much fun! Just like having a clean house a trimmed yard and a clean car you feel and operate better when your body and mind is clean and arranged in wellness! You simply just get more out of this precious gift of life practicing yoga, being comfortable in your skin no matter where you are and what you are doing and life becomes a living meditation.


Hi, my name is Traci and yoga started for as a hobby and has grown into an integral part of who I am. I took my first yoga class over 11 years ago at HGHY and was hooked. I’ve been an athlete my whole life and had injuries and imbalances that I needed to heal. I was inspired by yoga’s transformative power—both internally and externally.

I received my first instructor training through Tony Sanchez at the Yogic Physical Culture Academy, and have gone on to study Vimana, and Yin Yoga as well.

I love teaching yoga for the opportunity to connect with incredible people, and help students to honor where their bodies are right now. I try to bring a sense of fun to my classes and give you the freedom to explore on your mat. I also like to drop nuggets of yogic wisdom along the way.

Practicing helps me still my mind, focus on myself, get stronger and simply makes me smile! I would love to help you find out what yoga can do for you too. Come practice with me!


Hi, I’m Tricia Tracy. I started my personal yoga journey about 7 years ago at Higher Ground Hot Yoga. I had never been able to connect with myself on a physical level and did not know the first thing about listening to my body. I had always been drawn to yoga so I figured I’d give it a shot. Yoga completely transformed me from the inside out. I was hooked. Body, Mind, and Spirit joined together. I wanted to learn more and more. I decided to take it to the next level and teach classes. I took my first 40-hour yin TT in September of 2016. I have always drawn to yin for the meditation and exploration of self.

I completed a 200-hour yoga life TT in March of 2018. I currently teach Yin and Ashtanga at Higher Ground.

What you can expect in my classes is a journey into your body, mind, and spirit finding healing and a greater awareness of yourself through a yoga practice.