Instructor, Michael Larson of Bikram, Vimana Yoga & Medical Qigong will be taking us on a journey into the foundational flow of an ancient, potent life force energy practice which literally brought him back from the dead. The movements are intuitive & flowing, easy to follow, remedial at every level. This practice is for anyone who wants to be truly well, relaxed, balanced and joyful, in other words: their best.
“Basic Qigong practice affords massive benefits. Physically it gets your body into great shape, eliminates nagging aches, pains and complaints & gives you a great feeling of health & well being. Mentally it gives you clarity and focus which lead to greater insight. Emotionally it leads to calm & balance. These are incredible benefits, exactly what most people in modern society crave and yet with a little regular Qigong practice you will achieve them easily.” The words of Michael’s teacher, Master IainQigong is an ancient Healing practice suitable for people at any level of ability or fitness in any state of health.Michael Larson can be contacted ahead of time with questions at mjlarz@hotmail or at 801-718-4852What to bring: water bottle, yoga mat, loose comfortable clothing and be ready to feel so well.