Yoga Etiquette

Higher Ground Hot Yoga encourages the following structure.  Adherence to these guidelines promotes the best possible results for teachers and students alike.  Please take a moment to review the items below.

Be on time – it is a matter of respect for the students in class, for the practice and for the teacher. Because of past problems, we are closing the door as we start the classes. Please accept the fact that if you find the door closed, it is too late to take the class. Yoga ethics suggests to refrain from forcing your way into a class or disturb a class in progress in any way.

Right attitude  if you decide to be here and take a class, we are assuming you want to do something good for yourself and you will make an effort because of it. This type of Yoga requires energy and desire to improve.

Be open minded – By being here you already decided to do something new. You might as well embrace this new idea, trust the teacher and follow directions and suggestions. If you come from another type of Yoga, bring your strength, your flexibility and your focus but not the postures.

Before class – Half an hour before each class we prepare the room with heat and low meditation lights. This environment is for students who want to prepare themselves mentally and physically by relaxing in savasana. During this time, until the teacher starts the class, silence is mandatory.

During class – Start the postures with everybody else and at least try to also finish the postures with everybody else. It’s called group energy. As you practice, you are paying attention to yourself but you must be aware that you are part of the group. Anything you do will affect the group. Your focus and discipline will help others; disruptions and noises will detract from the group energy.

After class – At the conclusion of each class, we turn off the heat and lower the lights again. After an intense practice, the majority of the students will stay in the room to relax in savasana for a few minutes. This will slow down your heart rate and cool you down gradually. Be respectful and move around quietly if you have to leave the room.  Please be showered and ready to exit no later than 30 minutes after the conclusion class.  Thank you.

In and outs – We don’t recommend leaving class unless there is an emergency. Resting or catching a breath of fresh air does not constitute an emergency. You should lay down in savasana for that.
If you must go out, please wait until the end of the posture to leave or reenter the room. Do so between postures.

Water – The temperature is set to 105 degrees in class, and you will need to drink water. Please wait for the teacher to suggest the first water break. It usually comes 20/25 min after you start the class, unless suggested otherwise. This is to warm up the body from the inside out before we cool it down with water. After  the first break, students can decide when to drink as long as is done between postures.

Make up and perfumes – If you are coming from work and you have make up on, you should take a moment to remove it. It will help to see your real self in the mirror. Perfume is not really necessary, especially if it’s an attempt to cover a natural, non invasive smell of sweat. Consult the teachers for additional advice.

Body odor – Students are not required to shower before class. Body odor issues are usually confined to the armpits. If you rinse them out before class, the problem is solved. If you experience discomfort with the hygiene of another student, please continue with the class, then mention it to the teacher after class.  It is not a very recurrent problem.