A yoga class for every body, every style, every day.

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A yoga class for every body, every style, every day.

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Our Studio

Our hot yoga studio has been located in Ogden, UT since 2003 nestled on the second floor of Grounds for Coffee on Historic 25th Street. We offer indoor yoga classes with social distancing, private classes and group sessions.

We are open 365 days a year and offer a variety of heated classes for beginning to advanced students, including Beginners 26+2, Vinyasa/Fusion, Ghosh 84, Ashtanga and Yin. Each one of our instructors are trained specifically in the classes they teach to provide high quality instruction to keep your body safe!

We are committed to YOUR SAFETY!

It is our priority to provide a comfortable, safe and hygienic studio environment. Masks are optional for all students and staff. We provide hand towels and essential oil mat spray for student use after class. Between classes we mop the studio floors and air out the hot room using an exhaust fan and open the door for fresh air exchange. The exhaust fans pull fresh air from outside in for circulation and exhaust out the current air. High touch surfaces (door knobs, light switches, are sanitized between classes.


If you are new to yoga or it has been a while, this class is the perfect place to start!  This class is the Original Hot Yoga sequence and consists of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises which are taught in the same order and practiced at 105F. The sequence of postures was designed for the western body, is extremely safe, and is suitable for every level of practitioner.


This class builds on the 26+2 Hot Yoga class and introduces hip-openers, lotus poses, arm balances and inversions.  It is a great next step for those who are comfortable with the 26+2 beginners class and would like to deepen their practice.


Vinyasa means movement! This style of class incorporates postures from different styles of yoga and fuses them together into a flow. The postures and flow vary from instructor to instructor and usually class to class.


The focus of a yin class is a floor class which is designed to passively stretch and open the connective tissues in the body.  A yin class moves the spine in all directions and incorporates opening of hip and shoulder joints.  The postures are held 3-5 minutes which gives the body time to relax and open.  This class varies between instructors and often has breathwork and meditation components.


This class offers posture from 26+2, vinyasa/fusion and yin. The first 70 minutes of this 90 minute class will focus on postures from the 26+2 hot yoga class with variations and flow.  The last 20 minutes you will be led through yin postures to relax and open your warm body.


This traditional sequenced class builds internal fire by beginning with sun salutations then working through a progressive series of postures which are held for 5 breaths each and linked together through vinyasa flow.  It is an excellent class to build upper body strength and opens hamstrings and hips.


We offer special event classes, Try our unique Sound Bath Meditation and many other events, find out more on our social media and events page coming soon.


Breathe. Sweat. Transform.

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